BLACK LINES III.108 (2015)

PRICE: $379
DIMENSIONS: 24" x 24"

A continuation of the Black Lines series. After a month of working without color, it was time to add it back. The soft yellow hues are created by layering millions of small, transparent lines. The black lines are also softened through approximate repetition. Their path and qualities are somewhat random, giving each piece and each line a unique appearance.

This is an original artwork, not a multi-edition print. The work is executed as a true giclée print on matte fine-art paper. All works are signed on the face unless otherwise requested. You can read more about how the works are printed.

Each work includes a signed print out of the source code of the program used to generate the image. I typically do not post this code anywhere, so you will be one of the few people to see it. I also include a signed certificate in the package.

Shipping is free on all purchases within the US. For international purchases, please contact me directly at